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        We are a group of engineers who are aiming to automate manual processes during work to increase productivity.

        With the increase in digital communication, especially due to COVID-19, there is a lot unstructured data generated. A lot of data resides in video conferences with no signs of this trend slowing down.  We intend to convert data from virtual meetings, lectures, speeches etc. into a structured format for the user. We would be providing tools to make users more productive, such as content summarization, editable transcript summaries, lecture and note tracking and integration with current platforms to reduce the amount of information lost in communication.

        We aim to automate tediousness of tasks such as note-taking, transcription, and information organization through machine learning. The end goal is to enable users the freedom to focus on what people are best at; creativity, collaboration, and dialogue and problem solving, and not tedious tasks like transcribing and organizing speech information. 

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