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 Take More Effective Typed Notes 

Introduce AutoManus

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Auto-Generated Notes just by Clicking

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Voice to Text Transcript. Then a short summary by clicking

Focus on listening and stay involved in active discussions. Whether it's over Zoom or in-person, you can just click and generate your notes!

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Capture Everything from your meeting -- Live. We not only save the audio file, but also create a transcription for you.


Notes Matching

Want more details for your notes? Our algorithm matches the corresponding parts of your audio file and transcription with your notes.


Generated Notes

Did your professor speak too fast? Use our one click notes generation feature to get key points fast. (14).gif

Live Translation

Translate Lecture and Meeting content to any language you prefer. Live. (10).gif

Walk Through Video


Limited offer! Free usage for 5 days to get a taste


10 Hours Usage per month.

It should cover 1 important classes


25 Hours Usage per month. It should cover most of your classes

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